Golf Cart Makes

Quiet, comfortable, and now equipped with independent rear suspension, Yamaha’s new gas and electric golf cart models prioritize energy efficiency while offering all the power you need – rapid acceleration, smooth uphill climb, and exceptional battery strength and endurance. With our quiet gas carts boasting a 261-mile range and our electric cars wielding a 6.5 horsepower motor, making a decision between the two simply comes down to preference.

Standing at the forefront of electric-vehicle technology and innovation in the golf cart industry for more than a century, the E-Z-GO brand is known to produce the most rugged, durable and reliable work machines available.

Cushman Golf Carts

Despite their rugged design, the mechanically-superior Cushman drivetrains deliver maximum horsepower and voltage to tackle even the toughest jobs. Complimented by equally impressive suspension and steering capabilities, these machines provide a luxurious ride to exploration and adventure.

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