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Easing any reservation involving golf cart sales, golf cart rentals, safety, general service, and common driving etiquette is important. To achieve that, we put together a list of the most frequently asked questions on golf carts to help build your confidence during your adventure! Promoting an enjoyable and worry-free experience through awareness is key to getting the most out of your golf cart, and our catalog will give you that peace of mind. Have a question or looking for something else in particular? Let us know!

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Are Gas Golf Carts Allowed in Peachtree City?

Yes. It is a common misconception that gas carts have been banned from use in Peachtree City, but that is far from accurate. At one point a proposal was created, but it never passed.

I need a part for my golf cart. Do you have it?

Yes, with the exception of special order items (current availability) and discontinued parts. As major manufacturers continue to reinvent their products, parts profiles change along with that trend. If you are able to provide us your golf cart’s serial number, it will help us find what you need faster. Click here to help locate your serial number. If your golf cart information is not listed, let us know and we will update the page. Thanks!

FAQ: Caring for your Golf Cart at Home

Electric: Can You Overcharge Golf Cart Batteries?

Yes, it is possible to overcharge your batteries. Overcharging your batteries can cause excessive gassing (water breakdown), heat builds, and battery aging. Fortunately new golf cart chargers have an auto-shutoff feature helping minimize this window of  possibility. Regardless of whether you have a lithium powered golf cart or a traditional deep cycle lead battery powered golf cart, we recommend charging your golf cart after every use.

On the flip side, undercharging your golf cart is something to be aware of, too. Undercharging your golf cart’s batteries causes stratification which leads to premature aging.

Charge Time:

It takes between 8-10 hours for a golf cart with deep cycle batteries to properly charge. A common mistake among golf cart owners is charging golf carts multiple times throughout the day. This practice can sometimes produce a false charge reading on initial start up because all it does is “tickle” the system. You will likely see a significant decrease on your meter often reverting back to the original charge level within a mile of use.

Advancements in Golf Cart Charging:

Significant strides have been made to the charging process in part to introducing lithium battery-powered golf carts to the market. This technology has effectively cut average charge times in half which allows more time on the path. To learn more about lithium battery golf carts, you can visit E-Z-GO’s website or take a peek at our current lithium-powered inventory here!

Electric: Should I Leave My Golf Cart Plugged in all the Time?

This is HIGHLY ill advisable. Leaving your golf cart plugged in 24/7 is a bad idea. It may give you the peace of mind that it’s “ready to go” at the drop of a hat, but what this does is open up room for a potential disaster. In the event of a thunderstorm, having your golf cart on charge provides a direct route for a power surge and catastrophically damage your charger among other things. OEM items are not cheap, and replacing these all at once would be roughly $1,200 or more before tax. The best practice is to plan for inclement weather whenever possible by unplugging your charger from the cart AND the wall after a full charge.

Electric: How Much Water Should I put in My Batteries?

The majority of electric golf carts in the market operate on deep cycle battery systems. There are some exceptions to that as of late, but we’ll get into that later. Your batteries require periodic monitoring to ensure each one has plenty distilled water, and we recommend checking your water levels at least once every 3-4 weeks. The routine may vary depending on usage and time of year as warmer months tend to accelerate the evaporation process! Using anything other than distilled water will “contaminate” your batteries’ water. Foreign particles or minerals in other sources can attach to the metal plates inside your batteries. When this happens, it deteriorates battery health and reduces their effectiveness and life expectancy.


It IS possible to overfill your batteries, and we advise our customers to fill batteries post-charge. During the charging process, the water inside the batteries boils, and if the reservoirs are full beforehand, it runs the risk of overflowing. This can cause your batteries to age prematurely, develop corrosion on and around the terminals and possibly damage the ground below the golf cart.

Alternative Options:

There are products available that regulate the water levels in your batteries, and it can make the process virtually hassle-free. Let us know if you would like more information, and we’ll be more than happy to help!

My Golf Cart Won't Charge. What's Wrong?

There are infinite possibilities as to why your golf cart may not be taking a charge. Operating issues are quite often difficult to diagnose without surveying your golf cart first-hand. We highly recommend scheduling your golf cart for service. Click here to provide us your information, and we will be happy to help!

What Kind of Gas Should I put in my Golf Cart?

Gas golf carts can take regular unleaded gasoline, however, to reduce the progression of build up, ethanol free gasoline is preferable. Aside from that, gas golf carts are practically self-sustainable. What we recommend outside of any unusual performance issues is routine annual maintenance for your golf cart to stay healthy. Keep in mind that new E-Z-GO and Yamaha gas golf carts come with “break in” oil, and you may need to change it after the first 10 hours of use. From there, it’s smooth sailing!

FAQ: Golf Cart Rentals

What Types of Golf Carts do You Rent?
Our rentals come in several different options:
  • 4-passenger gas*
  • 4-passenger electric
  • 6-passenger gas
We offer 4-Passenger and 6-Passenger Premium options with several enhancements to make your experience even more enjoyable. These features include seats belts for all passengers, an enclosure to protect passengers from inclement weather, side mirrors, and dual USB ports for charging phones or other electronics!
What are Your Golf Cart Rental Rates?
Our rental process:
  • Rental rates are dependent on the type of golf cart you wish to rent and are based on a 24 hour period
    • 4 passenger electric – $40/day
    • 4 passenger gas – $45/day
    • 6 passenger gas – $75/day
  • A major credit card is required for record in the event accident damage is incurred.
  • Regular pricing is subject to change during major holidays.
    • Typical busy holidays:
      • Independence Day (July 4th)
      • Halloween (October 31st)
      • Labor Day
      • Memorial Day

We recommend reserving rentals well in advance for July 4th as availability becomes scarce a month or two prior to the holiday. Please be aware that special holiday rates may apply!

For more information about golf cart rentals in Peachtree City, click here!

What are the Rules for Renting a Golf Cart?

Being new to the area can certainly heighten your anxiety when it comes the rules of the path. The system is straight forward with a couple of general rules of thumb. Here are a couple of things you need to be mindful of before you make your reservation:

The Process:
  • In order to secure your reservation, a deposit in the total amount for the rental is requested prior to arrival. We do require a major credit card to keep on file in the event of accident damage to the unit, and the primary operator for the rental must be 21 or older. We will verify that upon arrival.
Before embarking on your journey…

It’s best to come prepared with all the knowledge! To help better prepare you for the adventure, we’ve taken the liberty of attaching a link to Peachtree City’s Rules and Regulations brochure below:

FAQ: Electric vs. Gas – A Comparison

Gas vs. Electric Golf Carts: Which is better?

Click here to check out our blog post which profiles some key differences between the two options!

FAQ: Golf Cart Service

Do You Service Golf Carts?

Yes. Although Golf Rider is Peachtree City’s ONLY authorized dealer and service provider for E-Z-GO, Yamaha, and Cushman golf cart brands, our factory-trained technicians are capable of servicing a wide range of makes and models. For more information, please click here.


Do You Offer Pickup & Delivery Service for My Golf Cart?

Of course! For a nominal fee, we will pick your golf cart up and deliver it back to you upon completion of service. Pricing varies depending on your location and is subject to change. Feel free to give us a call for more details.

FAQ: Golf Cart Sales

What Do I Need to Know About Buying a Golf Cart?

The process of finding the right fit for you and your family can be a daunting task. However, putting in the work researching your options beforehand will leave you happier in the long run. Here’s some commonly asked questions to consider when narrowing down your options:

  • How many people, on average, will be on your golf cart?
    • Children?
    • Extended family?
    • Just a plus 1?
  • How often will you be driving your golf cart?
    • Will it be stored most of the time?
    • Will it be used frequently?
  • What’s the landscape like where you will be using your golf cart most often?
    • Hilly?
    • Flat?
    • A good combination of both?
  • What’s the main purpose of your golf cart?
    • Primary mode of transportation?
    • Utility work?
    • Recreational use?
  • Is long range important, or will you mostly be close to home?
  • How important is towing power?
  • Are you able to forecast a change in routine for your golf cart in the next few years?
    • If so, what will that be?
  • What differences between new and used golf carts are most important to me?
    • Value vs. Price
      • *WARRANTY*

When picking out the right golf cart, color and style should always come last. Peachtree City presents a wealth of variety in its layout, and the most practical golf cart is the one that often times is overlooked because of the bright bells and whistles. Golf carts are an investment, and having the right answers to critical questions will help you maximize its potential!

Is there a Blue Book for Golf Carts?

There are no official publications available that estimate the value of golf carts. However, it’s a good idea to search locally for resources that can give you insight on what to expect. Each market is different, but here are some big ticket items to consider during your research:

  • Age of the golf cart
  • Recent service reports if available
  • Age of the batteries
  • Add on accessories

Each golf cart is unique and can vary widely in price. That being said, be sure you’re comparing apples to apples when shopping for your new addition!

What is the Best Golf Cart to Buy?

This is a difficult question to answer because of how subjective it is. Each make has unique features that make it stand out above the others; that’s the beauty of it all! There’s no doubt compromises will come, however, we encourage our customers to consider all available options when shopping for the perfect fit including both gas and electric options. Seriously, you never know what could surprise you!

Should I Buy a New or Used Golf Cart?

It’s completely up to you! When buying a new golf cart, you can rest peacefully knowing you have a factory warranty. Buying a used golf cart will save money, but the probability of having an active warranty with it is slim. This comparison is just one of many to consider when evaluating options between new and used golf carts to purchase. What will help make the process easier is emphasizing the most valuable features to you, tangible or intangible.

There are risks involved in purchasing a used golf cart, but if you’re considering going that route, be sure to ask questions about battery health, service history, and anything critical to its long-term reliability. The good thing about buying from a dealer is that usually they are knowledgeable about each used vehicle, and they will likely be able to answer your questions with accuracy.

What is the Most Expensive Golf Cart?
The Garia

Customers often ask us this question, so we thought some research on our end would come in handy. Since golf carts are modular by nature, you can expect a glass ceiling when it comes to price. When talking about the most expensive golf carts from the perspective of base builds, Garia, a company based in Denmark, takes the cake. The cost of a base model golf cart can reach upwards of $52,000, and that’s BEFORE tax!

Without taking this “unicorn” into consideration, E-Z-GO and Yamaha golf carts are phenomenal manufacturers that provide a great product at a fantastic cost/value ratio. You can check out our current inventory for either makes by clicking here, or you can further your research by visiting their respective websites.

How much is my golf cart worth on a trade-in?

This is one the most frequently asked questions we receive. Each golf cart is unique in its own right, and unfortunately there’s no cookie cutter template to project its current value. For the best source to compare your golf cart, check out community bulletin boards, related social media pages, and open forum websites.