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October 20, 2017


The Need-to-Knows About Golf Cart Rentals in Peachtree City

Charm. Adventure. Freedom. The draw of a golf cart is, by itself, undeniable, but when the idea of developing an entire city around it becomes reality, it creates a one-of-a-kind spectacle destined to arouse the interest of many. Visitors flock to experience the wonders of Peachtree City, and renting is typically the best route to enjoying your visit.

Golf cart rentals have become a growing trend in The Bubble, but in some cases, the unknown regarding who, what, when, where, and why while operating restricts people from maximizing the experience. Hesitant on carting etiquette? Here are some common misconceptions and tips for making your next outing a success.

Who can Operate a Golf Cart?

Carting rules and regulations are similar to “real-world” driving rules and regulations. There is a slight twist, so let’s set the record straight: Who exactly IS allowed to drive??

  • Any person age 12-15 without a learner’s permit accompanied by a licensed driver 18 or older, parent, or guardian
  • Anyone age 15 with a valid learner’s permit can ride solo, with one non-relative 15 or older, or 3 immediate family members
  • All individuals age 16 or older unless the individual whose license is suspended or revoked by the state

It’s overwhelming at first, so feel free to check out the full profile of rules and regulations for operation HERE


What do You Need to Rent a Golf Cart and What Type is Right For You?

It’s nice to have options, but the best way to address and satisfy your specific needs is to ask a few questions: How big is my crowd? Do I forecast long or short drives? Do I have access to power where I’m staying? Simple questions, yes. Imperative? Absolutely! Take a look at some key pros and cons between electric and gas carts below to help get you going:

QuietLonger Range
No EmissionsNo Charging Needed
1.5 to 2 Hours Consistent Drive TimeEmissions
Minimum 8-Hour Recharge TimeHigher Decibel Output Than Electric

The process of securing a rental for your next outing is as easy as 1-2-3! Before arriving to pick up a rental, be prepared with the following:

  • Must be 21 or older with a valid driver’s license; international licenses are accepted
  • A major credit card
  • A positive attitude

When Should You Begin Planning for Your Golf Cart Rental?

Rental season is year-round, but availability spikes or shrinks depending on the relative closeness to major holidays. In anticipation of July 4th festivities, it’s best practice to begin reserving a cart for your family more than a month in advance, typically towards the end of April. With golf cart rentals being in such high demand this time of year, availability begins to dwindle 2 weeks leading up to the holiday. Halloween is another holiday to be mindful of, and as you can imagine, Summer tends to be a “HOT” time of year to rent as well (pun intended)!

Where can You Operate a Golf Cart?

Nearly all of Peachtree City is accessible by golf cart, however, there are a few limitations in place that may require you to adjust course. In order to avoid confusion, here are some key rules to observe while riding:

  • Use of parallel city streets is permitted unless paths exists. In that case, paths must be used
  • Golf carts are not permitted on streets with a speed limit over 35 mph. Except as prohibited below, golf carts may cross streets with a limit greater than 35 mph

Maps of the path system are readily available upon request, and we are happy to help guide you to your first destination. If you’re comfortable with using smart phones, a great way to highlight your route is to open Google Maps and convert your mode of transportation to “Biking Mode”. This will highlight the map almost flawlessly! Ask about our QR Code to automatically generate Golf Rider as your starting point.

And Finally…Why Rent?

The experience. Period. Driving a car to enjoy the scenery instead of a golf cart is somewhat lackluster. Uncover the beauty of Peachtree City by exploring the sections of town inaccessible by “conventional” methods by reserving your rental now.  You’ll thank us later!



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